Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun & Games pt 2

Oh man, I know ....
I suck & totally blew my promise to post the answer to my question on Wednesday.

I just couldn't keep my eyes open.
I don't know why, but I have been soooo tired.

Now, I thought this whole thing was hilariously funny and I just OH SO WISH it could have been a little squirrel or possom or other such little furry creature.
(oops I better never type the word "furry", otherwise Acton may come over for a visit and furry is ALL he talks about. - disregard that - it was just a little inside joke)

So what was that strange strainer thing and why was it sitting out the back door of my office?

A co-worker (I won't disclose names) lost swallowed a cap. They were using the strainer as a "cap" finder or maybe a crap miner or you may say a sh*t sifter.

All I know is that the thing better not find its way back into the kitchen with the other pots and pans.

So gross! THAT my friends is what I deal with on a daily basis!

Speaking of gross, we have a new employee who was in the office most of the day he other day.
Holy gas chamber Batman - that guys stunk so bad (badly?) (and continues to stink every day) that Salty even made a comment.

Do you think a deodorant stick or some Axe spray would be rude?


  1. What the heck kind of cap was it that they have to find it again? Made of gold or something?

    Never would have guessed that. YUK.

  2. Yuk is right! That freaking cap could have been diamond encrusted and it would not be going back into my mouth. Not after that path!

    But imagine my surprise when I found that cookware.


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