Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thats SoFla for you

Here is what I saw yesterday while waiting, waiting waiting:
  • 3 gang bangers with droopy drawers yelling at each other while clutching their class schedules (they were a little scary)
  • a 50+ lady in a skin tight terry cloth track suit with the waistband rolled down like a 12 year old cheerleader.
  • An older gentleman in suit and tie with a very black, very big ,Elvis style rug on his head.
  • A young, black, sassy tranny with his (her?) entourage.
  • Several back of neck tattoos, in fact, lots and lots of tattoos in various sizes, shapes and places.
  • At least 5 young girls with small children. (I give them kudos for getting an education)
  • A man with a beard (channelling ZZ Top) that looked homeless; wandering around.
  • A quiet young man with a ponytail and a bottom lip stud.
  • A 20 something man wearing a caftan (a la Lawrence of Arabia or JC) - I mean it was white and long - to the floor.
  • way too many muffin tops overflowing too tight, too low, jeans and shorts and below too many too short shirts. Note to girls: this is NOT attractive.
  • did I say there were a lot of tattoos? A LOT!
  • the advisor: pink and green flowered converse sneakers and so many rings, really big rings that I was wary that she could type. (In her defense she was very nice and helpful and she really could type with all those rings. Besides, who am I to talk? I wear jeans to work almost every day! )

Just some observations.......

Oh yeah, lots of hoop jumping - me included.

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