Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think I am officially sick.
Runny nose, fever, achy body,headache, sneezing.
You would say that is sick, right?
Took some Zicam spoon medicine that my sister was raving about. (niece who doesnt like medicine (who does?) loves the spoon stuff, blah blah blah)
BLECH!! It was disgusting.
I drank the swill anyway.
Now my stomach is upset.
I still can't sleep.
It think I am going to try some ibu=something PM to help.
Well, not tonight, but sometime.
A big fat thanks to dward and Salty for this. I really really appreciate it.
I better clarify that: Salty got it from dward because they work together in a relative small area, I got it from Salty because, well,
he IS my husband.
Enough said.

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