Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Question of the day

Here is a question for today:
What do you want for lunch?
My answer: "
I had pop tarts for dinner last night and pop tarts for breakfast this morning, so definitely NOT pop tarts".

Just letting you know.........


  1. Thanks for the compliments, but I feel fat, wrinkly, etc. too. FTLK is a good one, he would fluff like an even bigger rooster if I told him!! But, you also have a very good looking kid as well. It still amazes me how much he looks like his father did at that age, sorry. However, while we were on vacation, several young girls (actually too old for me to be ok with, about 13 -14) gave hime their phone numbers so he could call them on their cells, UGH!!! You had mosquitoes to deal with, which we all know you love, I had sand, and more sand, and .... you got it, more SAND! And when it manages to get inside your bathing suit, well, you know the rest. Glad your weekend is over, I didn't realize that your mom lived with your sis. If you talk to the Ohio runner we all know and love, ask him where the h he went?!

  2. Ohio runner was just in Fla & left an anonymous comment on the pet peeves post. They are back in Ohio and very tired from their long trip. We should conference call very soon.

  3. Plus - we all know you were MsMel so you might as well just leave your comments as such. lol


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