Friday, August 8, 2008

Pi** me off - pet peeves

I know, build us up and what a let down.
No post.
Just worked too late and then it was the finale of Last Comic Standing.
Then we just went to bed.

SO here is the Thursday list on Friday (again).

Bathroom Pet Peeves (hey, a theme - in no general order)

  • 1) Men who leave the seat up (ok if you live alone, but if you live in a house with female occupants - just rude!
  • 2) People who squeeze the toothpaste from the middle. Is it really that hard to push up from the bottom in a neat and orderly way? I am not a neatnik but this bothers me for some reason.
  • 3) Toilet paper going under instead of over. Now this is not a dealbreaker, I just change it myself when it is wrong. But there better not be any toilet paper wars in this house or there may be hell to pay. (did you know my blog was rated R because I use Hell? A LOT!)

Now these next two really deal with the "public bathroom aspect of life"

  • 4) Women who can't seem to get their femine hygene products into the trash. Really people, no one wants to see that.
  • 5) People who pee on the toilet seat. I know that public bathrooms can be stinky, nasty places but, I DON"T WANT TO SIT IN YOUR PEE! A lot of places provide seat protectors and if not, put some paper down. The chances of catching some life threatening disease is slim to none. If you can't bring yourself to sit on the toilet seat and you must teeter over it, like a new born giraffe. Wipe up after yourself. Your mother does not work there. If you can't follow these basic rules of human decency, wait 'til you get home. I'll bet you sit there. Here is info on those toilet seat diseases (or non diseases) just in case you were wondering.

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  1. Ha! If I click on that link of toilet seat diseases, I'm never going to use the bathroom again!


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