Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend update

Well my sister was house & cat sitting at this awesome house. It was built in 1902 and they have done a fabulous job refurbishing it. The best part about the place is the porches and the view. We call it the Indian Point bed & breakfast. (Note: this is not REALLY a bed & breakfast & you can't stay there unless you know the owners, which quite honestly, I do not.) ;)

I LOVE old houses and especially Victorian or Craftsman style houses. I am sort of obsessed with architecture. So, wherever we visit, I end up checking out all the cool buildings and houses. I think that is why I really loved New York and Seattle - lots of cool old places. Salty says I should have been an architect. That was my original plan but things just did not work out that way. Long story that maybe I will discuss one day.
Anyway, we had a nice relaxing time doing nothing and sitting in the gazebo chatting and dozing. Nice since the next several weekends will be moving, sorting, installing - blah blah blah....

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